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Meri Ghaflat



irady jin k pukhta hn,
nazar jin ki khuda pr ho
talatam khez mojon se,
wo ghabraya nahen krty

Be Happy….:-)

Its good to sit alone for at least some times everyday
When u sit alone,
Don’t sit with your past. . . .
Sit alone to dream your future. . .

“Value of relation”

It is not that how much YOU feel happy with some one.
But it is that how much some one feels ALONE without you.


True Lines..!!

Some People Are So Lucky
Cause Even After Hurting,
They Get So Much Love.
Some Are So Unlucky Cause
Even After Giving So Much Love,
They Always Get Hurt….


Never HATE Those
Who are Jealous Of u,
Infact Respect
Their Jealousy..
Bcoz They Are First,
Who Think That
You Are Better Than Them..

If u cant be a Pencil to Write Someone’s Happiness….
Try to be a Eraser to remve Some One’s Sadness…..